Who We Are

LogoSigmoData is run by a team of dynamic and versatile engineers and data scientists dedicated to building easy-to-use and powerful tools for our customers.

We are located in San Jose, California.

You can reach us directly by email at contact@sigmodata.com or use the contact form

What We Do

ways we can helpSigmoData aims to make it easier for companies and organizations to get started with Deep Learning and Machine Learning.

We provide you with the tools and services to help you experiment with state-of-the-art algorithms, and deploy them to production.

Deep Learning and Machine Learning

There are many ways Deep Learning and Machine Learning can help:

  • Get to know your customers

    Analyze buying patterns to predict your customers' next purchases. Predict when a customer is about to churn. Know where to spend your advertising dollars and how much to spend on acquiring a new customer.

  • Save costs

    Monitor your infrastructure and flag anomalies to help you avoid costly repairs. Identify the best way to operate your business to avoid waste.

  • Eliminate manual work

    Flag useful information, improve your data entry processes and automatically capture relevant entities and values. Find duplicated or inaccurate data across your databases.

  • Detect and prevent unwanted content

    Filter spam emails or user-generated content, identify and resolve network threats and vulnerabilities automatically.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    Assist your customers 24/7 with chat bots. Provide fast service and a smooth support experience to your customers by automatically routing cases to the right department. Increase customer loyalty by sending relevant coupons at the right time.