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Deep Learning Notebook AMI

This Amazon Machine Image (click here to find out more about AMIs) allows you to host your own Deep Learning notebooks in minutes.

This AMI features:

  • Your own Jupyter notebook server instance
  • Automatic GPU detection (if supported). GPUs enable you to train a neural network faster.
  • Latest versions of Pytorch, Tensorflow and Keras (Deep Learning libraries)
  • Python 3.6
  • Latest Scikit Learn, Matplotlib, Numpy python libraries
  • Nvidia CUDA version 9.2 + CUDNN version 7.2 (only if running on GPU instance)

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Sentiment Analysis SageMaker model

This SageMaker model is powered by Deep Learning technology running on Tensorflow, and provides an api to analyze the sentiment of a text input

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Named Entity Recognizer Sagemaker model

This SageMaker model uses SpaCy to detect named entities in text paragraphs. It can recognize people names, places, time, money, etc...

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