Text Sentiment Analyzer

Extract entities from documents

This Amazon SageMaker model package can classify sentences and short paragraphs into positive or negative, based on the sentiment expressed in the text

Detect Sentiment

This SageMaker model package allows you to detect the author’s sentiment in a document, tweet, or other text paragraph.

For example:

"I don't like this a bit"

Sentiment       Score
negative	    88.48%

See a demo

The model currently only supports English.

How to use this SageMaker model package

After subscribing to the product, you can make predictions using the AWS SageMaker API, or host a REST API for your application.

You can also use SageMaker to do batch processing (batch transform) of your documents and process multiple text segments at once.

See the Amazon SageMaker documentation for more information.


  • What is a SageMaker model package?

    • You can use SageMaker model packages to build a deployable model in SageMaker.
    • You can use the deployable model for real-time inference by hosting it on SageMaker hosting services.
    • You can also get inferences for an entire dataset by running batch transform jobs.

    See also Deploy a Model in Amazon SageMaker

  • How much does it cost?

    The model is currently priced per hour. See the product page on AWS Marketplace for more information.

    Contact us if you require a customized pricing model.